Berlin Fence Memorial

Berlin Fence Memorial, 2015
Printed flyer, website

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The project Berlin Fence Memorial serves as a provocation for critical thought, discussion, and action in public space. Its flyers have been circulated since October/November 2015, the 26th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, including at the site of the Berlin Wall Memorial, whose own flyer served as inspiration. The Berlin Fence Memorial flyer replaces the Berlin Wall Memorial flyer’s historical images of East German refugees and the Berlin Wall with new images of African refugees and migrants and the EU border fence in Melilla, Spain. Bilingual text elaborates on the complex situation today’s refugees face entering the EU, and it maintains the category “refugee” despite ethnic and cultural differences. The flyer calls for public lectures, discussions, concerts, and exhibitions, as well as an educational program including seminars, project days, and talks with witnesses who have experienced “contemporary border-related events.” Until today, the project remains speculative, a visualization of a yet-to-be-realized memorial commemorating the fall of the border fence.