In collaboration with Gösta Wellmer
Video projector, adhesive film, distance sensor, microcontroller, computer, public video streams

All around the world, all at once, the exact same things are happening in completely different places. Completely different things are happening in the exact same places. And completely different things are happening in completely different places. The gallery is a typology that in most cases appears to exist outside time and space, yet the unique position of Vincenz Sala Paris, with a large glass facade open to the street, extends the realm of the public visually into the realm of the gallery. MINDSEYE extends outward to distant channels of place and inward to the body that supports the mind.

Activated by public interaction, the projected image amalgamates naturally different, live video streams, which appear as windows to locations existing simultaneously in disparate solar and lunar contexts. There is no logic to their selection. The scientific creation of international space-use paradigms negates the possibility of places to exist outside the domain of classification. MINDSEYE tells a story of global simultaneity in real time devoid of cohesion. As it unfolds, the story of Earth-time is available to any passerby with intent to see beyond the screen.